Work-Related Stress

Are you suffering from Work-Related Stress?

In-person appointments available. Covid precautions are in place.

Work-related stress is a common problem. Of course we all feel stressed at work from time to time but if you feel continually under pressure, dread going to work, have real difficulty with colleagues or managers or are suffering from headaches or other physical symptoms, it may be time to seek help.

Do you feel unappreciated or that you are being asked to do the impossible? Is your confidence going downhill? Are you feeling the need to take sick leave because your work is making you ill? You need not suffer alone; counselling can help.

How can Counselling help with Work-Related Stress?

Counselling can help you work on the problems and any underlying issues. You will be helped to realise that you do have options.You will be supported in considering what you can do and in making changes. You will also be helped to manage stress, increase confidence and  cope better with aspects that cannot be changed. You will find that you grow in confidence and competence.

I used to have an anxious feeling in my head whenever I thought about work - which was all the time! Amazingly that has now gone and I have been back at work for a few weeks. The situation hasn't really changed but I now feel more in control. I know what to do about things and how not to get bogged down and harassed.

Of all the help which my company tried to offer, the one thing that made a difference was counselling. It helped me think and see things in other ways. I am now calm and able to cope with whatever comes along.