Informal Mediation

What is Informal Mediation?

In informal mediation I facilitate discussion and negotiations between two or more people who are having difficulties with each other. This is suitable for family members or friends. Maybe a parent and a son or daughter; or brothers and sisters; or long term friends who have fallen out. Informal mediation works along the same lines as couple counselling.

How Can Informal Mediation Help?

In informal mediation I can help you explore what has gone wrong so that you are better able to understand the problem from each other’s point of view. You will find out what each other thinks and feels. You can then work on resolving your differences and overcoming the animosity. This will put your relationship on a better footing and hopefully enable you to be friends again.

I feel so much better now that I have been able to talk things over with my daughter. We are now starting to see each other again. And the best thing is that I will see my grandson after the birth!