Couple Counselling

What is Couple Counselling?

In-person appointments available. Covid precautions are in place.

Couple counselling can help whether you are married or in a short or long term relationship. Of course many  things can go wrong. Whatever the problem, couple counselling can help you get back on track. I will help you to communicate with each other; to understand what has been happening in your relationship and how you can make things better.

How can Couple Counselling help?

Couple counselling can help by creating space and time for you to discuss things together and focus on your relationship. I will help you to voice your opinions and  explore your difficulties in a safe and friendly place.  With a better understanding of how and why your relationship has deteriorated, you can start to sort things out.

In couple counselling you will be enabled to talk about subjects that you may have been avoiding. In talking, you will clarify your own thinking. You will have a captive audience so your partner will be listening and I can help ensure that you each understand what the other means.

Clearing up issues in the counselling sessions, and starting to get a better understanding of how each other really thinks and feels, will help you to communicate more effectively and put things right.

There will be some things that you are just not going to agree on but it helps if you can at least understand each other’s points of you view. You may then be able to accept and accommodate each other’s position.

I will be here to help and support you through the difficult conversations and the changes you are making.

My partner and I really appreciated our sessions with Alicia. It was really useful to give us that space which enabled us to start considering each other again. We are now more kind and appreciative of each other and we have never felt more connected.

I would definitely recommend couple counselling. Alicia asks the difficult questions and so you get more insight into what each other thinks. Even after all these years!