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Relationships and Anger

Close relationships and anger often go together. Have you ever wondered why we seem to be the most angry with those who are the closest to us? Love and hate seem to be intertwined. Could it be that the more you get to know someone, the more you discover their flaws? Could it be that …

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Guilt, Embarrassment, Shame

          Guilt, embarrassment and shame are all variations of the same emotion. People of all cultures all over the world are innately programmed to have these feelings. However the occasions which illicit these feelings vary from culture to culture and also vary over time.  The evolutionary purpose of guilt, embarrassment and …

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Is perfectionism getting you down?

Work-Related Stress

Perfectionism is a personality feature which can be present in one area of life, such as work, or can be more pervasive. While having high standards and striving to achieve is generally a good thing, some people take this to such an extreme that it leads to excessive self-criticism and has a negative impact on life. …

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Trauma of Boarding School

  Did you go to boarding school? Did you enjoy it? Many people do but others are unhappy and troubled while they are there and are emotionally and psychologically affected  even after they leave. Although much has been done recently to improve the boarding school experience, in some ways it has not changed. The Trauma …

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