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Anxiety – How Do You Cope With It?

Coping with Anxiety

Do you feel anxious? Almost one fifth of people feel anxious all of the time or a lot of the time, according to the Mental Health Foundation. These people find it difficult to imagine living without constant anxiety. They say that they worry about everything and anything. Even if life is going reasonably well, the mind finds something to be anxious about. Does this sound familiar?

Can you think of some things that you would like to try if you were not so anxious? Can you think of some things that you could do better without the ever present burden of anxiety? You may be able to meet more people and chat more easily or improve your relationships or boost your career prospects.

One in twenty people claim never to feel anxious. Does this seem unimaginable to you? How do they do it? Would you like to try letting go of your anxiety for a little while to see what that feels like?

The good news is that anxiety tends to reduce as you get older but maybe you do not want to wait and see!

You could try some things now to make you feel better. Good commonly used strategies to cope with anxiety are:

  • – going for a walk
  • – having a chat with a friend
  • – physical activity of some kind

Not so good commonly used strategies for coping with anxiety are:

  • – hiding away by yourself
  • – comfort eating
  • – smoking or drinking alcohol

And 20% of people say they do not do anything to cope with their anxiety.

If you feel that you need some extra help with your anxiety, therapy could be for you. With investigation of the cause of your worries, alternative ways of thinking and behaving, and relaxation techniques, you can overcome the worry habit and become more comfortable with life. Why not contact us and give it a try? Button

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