About our sessions

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This Counselling/Therapy service is available in Ayr and includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy, Couple Counselling, Work-Related Stress and Employee Counselling.

Appointments are available during the day  Monday to Friday in Ayr. Everything is suited to your own individual requirements so you can come to as many or as few sessions as you wish, depending on your issues and what it is you would like to achieve.

Clients often choose to come for around 4-6 sessions. Occasionally clients come for a one-off session. On the other hand, some clients like to come continuously over a longer period. This may be because they would like on-going support with problems or because they would like to spend some time working on personal development or other issues. Some people just like an occasional Hypnotherapy session for calmness and relaxation.

Sessions are usually paid for by the client but if you have health insurance (for example Bupa or Aviva) this may cover your sessions.

Just email or give Alicia a call for more information or to make a first appointment.

Your questions answered:

Clients really do come from all walks of life. Nevertheless, what you all have in common is that you are unhappy with aspects of yourself or your life and feel that you could benefit from some help from a counsellor or therapist.

Without a doubt. Alicia, as an experienced therapist, has heard about all sorts of problems and lifestyles. Although each person is different in some ways, it is unlikely that your difficulties are entirely unique. Your therapist will not be astounded or puzzled but will be very interested.

Not at all. You will be thought of with respect. No-one is perfect.

Good therapists will have accumulated a wide variety of training, education and experience over the years. Most would find it difficult to explain exactly what they do in a session because the session is an interaction between two people and a therapist will respond to each client as an individual. You can get an idea of whether the therapist is your kind of person or not by reading some of his/her information and asking questions by email. You may then want to speak briefly on the phone. If all seems well, then it’s worth going along to a session and giving it a go!

I certainly believe in working this way – so please feel free to contact me, Alicia Smith, by email or give me a call.

You are not alone! Making the first contact and coming to the first session can be a little daunting but you will soon overcome those feelings. See it as an opportunity to talk to someone who will be totally on your side and help you work on your life. You may even find yourself agreeing with a recent client who said, ‘I think everyone should have a therapist.’

Through a variety of techniques, Alicia has guided me to a much better place, and has given me some tools to use to help maintain a sense of wellbeing. I have found Alicia to be tremendously supportive throughout.