Would you like help with anxiety, depression, relationship or other problems

A counselling/therapy service in Ayr, offered by Alicia Smith. This may include CBT, hypnotherapy, couple counselling, or help with work-related stress.This service is designed to meet your own particular needs, whatever they may be.

Are you suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, obsessive thoughts, anger or guilt?

Do you have problems with confidence or self-esteem or in relating to others? Is work really getting you down? You may be unsure of what is wrong, but just feeling unhappy with your life. Most of us suffer from emotional or psychological problems from time to time. Have you tried counselling/therapy?

You may wish to overcome worries, deal with problems, cope better, feel better, change your lifestyle, achieve more or increase your confidence. Your aim may be quite general or you may wish help with one very specific issue. Perhaps you have been struggling to cope for some time and do not see any solutions.