Counselling/Therapy in Ayr

Can Counselling/Therapy help?

In-person appointments available. Covid precautions are in place.

Counselling/therapy can help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress and other emotional problems. There are many benefits. You will have the opportunity to talk confidentially about yourself and your problems. This is a two-way conversation but the focus is on you.

You will be encouraged to talk about whatever is important to you – your problems, your fears, your goals, your triumphs and your difficulties.

You will be helped to achieve a better understanding of yourself and your situation. Then you will feel more in control and be able to identify anything you would like to change or work on and you will be helped with this.

Counselling/Therapy sessions

In counselling/therapy you will be encouraged to talk over your problems with a professional who is listening in a supportive and understanding way. This will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and feel better about yourself. You will be supported in looking more deeply into your issues and why they are causing you such problems.

You can be helped to come to terms with events from earlier in life and to overcome emotions which are rooted in past traumas or experiences.

You can be helped to build confidence and self-esteem; to make better decisions, improve your coping strategies, work on your goals and to feel happier about yourself and your life.

Although I've talked a lot with family and friends, I found there's real value in talking with someone that you have no previous connection with. Alicia's style has worked very well for me because she's careful to find a balance between being hands-off while also gently nudging me when needed.

Therapy was amazing. I was in a dark place. I came to therapy and very quickly turned a corner. Alicia helped me to see things differently. Talking with her is very calming. I feel like a new woman.